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PostHeaderIcon 10 Tips for Estate Agents

wpAnyway, here are 10 tips for estate agents based on our six months of searching

Photos matter
Really, they do matter. Last time I bought a house was 2008. Even in the five years since the internet has transformed buying a house. I want to see good quality photos before I even consider viewing a house. And if you don’t take a photo of at least all the downstairs rooms (including the kitchen) I’ll assume the worst. (Though it would be hard to get worse than these.)

Floor-plans are crucial
First I look at the photos. The next step is to check out the floor-plan. I remember when we were moving house when I was a child, here’s what you’d get: a tiny, credit card-sized photo glued onto a closely-typed double-sided page of room names and dimensions which meant absolutely nothing to me. Not now: I want a clear diagram. If the house hasn’t got a floor-plan I’ll just assume the estate agent’s heart isn’t in it. Read the rest of this entry »