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PostHeaderIcon 5 Ways to Make Your Online Property Rental Ads More Effective

So what happens when the landlord has posted an online ad for their rental property and they still get no calls? No landlord wants their rental properties to sit empty. Renters are not going to call the owner unless the ad catches their attention. There are ways to improve the content of the ad and its visual and competitive appeal.

Tip #1: Write a Catchy Heading

“Apartment for rent” websites present filtered results to the user by summarizing the key data on properties that fit their criteria. To sort through all of this information, users typically scan the property’s heading and photo to see if something interests them. Property owners have the ability to label their property with a catchy heading, so this is their first chance at making an impression. Use descriptive words and focus on one key unique feature or benefit that the property offers. That unique feature could be its open layout, bright rooms, spacious entranceway, underground parking, in-suite laundry, cul-de-sac location, etc. Which of these headings is the catchiest? Read the rest of this entry »