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With the real estate market unstable and demand low, prime property promotion is going back to the small scale. When a majority of property is foreclosed or low in cost, Realtors can turn to simple but still effective strategies to promote them. An example of a simple but effective marketing strategy is the use of print materials. Online printers may it easy and convenient to print these materials today. Below are examples of materials that can be used to promote real estate.

Catalogs – Catalogs are comprehensive and informative print promotional materials in selling real estate. Potential buyers can gain a lot of information from sorting through catalogs. Apart from including pertinent details such as address, included rooms and amenities; catalogs may show exterior and interior views of the house. These are what customers need when deciding to purchase or rent a house. A collection of images saves a lot of time and effort on the buyer. This strategy shows that there is concern for the buyer. Online printing services offer fast and easy printing of catalogs. Customers can upload their own designs and choose from standard or customized sizes starting at 5.5×8 to 12×12 inches. Read the rest of this entry »