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PostHeaderIcon Why Build a House Using Steel Structures?

Why Build a House Using Steel Structures?

Many people have heard of steel frames of the House, but I don’t know what are the advantages of steel frame is to make a determination if it’s right for them. There are many advantages and solutions for some of the construction problems that builders, owners and contractors that can be solved with a steel frame.

The cost is the primary concern for any Builder and homeowner and the rate directly influences the decision to build a House. What many don’t realize is that the steel structure is cheaper than using wood frame allows more to be built with less money.

One of the biggest advantages of steel frame is the strength of steel, moisture damage and heat or strain is never an issue or a concern with steel frames. A steel structure or held against the weather all year round and pests like termites won’t be an issue compared to wooden frame houses and buildings.

With the advantages of strength of steel frames offer a greater variety of room styles and forms become available, as well as the ability to have more open floor plans and space based on the strength of steel should not charge-walls that are required to use the typical wood framing.
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PostHeaderIcon The Characteristics of Important Building Materials

There are a couple of characteristics that you can find on the important building materials such as permeability, strength, and many more. These characteristics are affected on a couple of conditions. When the conditions differ, the characteristics will change too. This will cause either a bad thing but sometimes bring a bad thing. Without further, let’s check them out.


Permeability can be changed in terms of relative humidity by materials that can hold and absorb water in your steel building. By using this way, you can get the advantage which is strategic, but you can also have disadvantages.


R-value will be reduced if you have insulation material which is wetted, compressed or have air that flowing through it. During a couple of times, some insulating foams will reduce R-value until the stabilization is made. If insulations are loose, R-value can also be loose especially if they fluff improperly.

Steel building material deterioration

Building material deterioration is very important for the steel building because it has a function that can handle water, ultraviolet light and heat. One of the biggest factors so far is water.

Repeated wetting

For many structural materials such as solid wood, masonry and metal, it is not a big deal if repeated wetting is dry so quick. There are a couple of materials that can handle this problem such as gypsums, engineered woods and other fabricated structural steel building materials.

A drainage plane

A drainage plane is one of important building materials that can be used to flash and layer the components of water-resistant in case to drain water to the exterior. This drainage plane can also be used to control rainwater. In rainy season, a drainage plane is the perfect way to build systems that are not created of a reservoir material or construction which is made by concrete.