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Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

They are the proceedings relating to the regulation of environmental conditions to make more comfortable the climate of dwellings or industrial purposes.
Heating obviously raises the temperature in a given space, with respect to atmospheric temperature, to a satisfactory level.

Ventilation systems control the supply and outlet air, independently or in combination with heating or air conditioning systems, to provide oxygen to the occupants of the premises and eliminate odors.

Air conditioning systems control the atmosphere of the interior space: temperature, humidity, flow and purity of the air, for the comfort of its occupants or to preserve materials that there are handled or stored.


The heating can be direct, as in the case of fireplaces or stoves in a room, or a central system with steam, hot water or hot air that runs through tubes and pipes to transport its heat energy to all the rooms of a building.

The first heating system was the bonfire, with which people heated their dwellings. The Romans developed stoves and braziers of different types, some of which are still used in many parts of the world.
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