The purchase of a first property is a very important investment decision. But several people, do not have clue administrative meet paperwork, or an application for mortgage credit conditions, nor the process and the formalities to be completed before the purchase of a first property. Have its own property definitely has benefits, but must follow certain steps to succeed the purchase thereof.

Preliminary stage

Before you begin your search for a first property purchase, should save enough money, although today the requirement in own funds for the purchase of his own House is a minimum of 5% instead of 25%. In addition to other criteria are required by financial institutions to grant you a mortgage loan. To save time and make money call to a mortgage broker that will facilitate you the stain.

A good record mounting

To get a loan for the purchase of a first property, it is necessary that your credit score permit you, if applicable consult a mortgage broker to help you overcome this obstacle and improve your credit score.
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PostHeaderIcon How To Avoid All Holiday Plumbing Headaches

How To Avoid All Holiday Plumbing Headaches

Pipes that flow too slowly can be a sign of major plumbing problems that require the immediate intervention of a plumber.

Plumbing problems can represent an important source of stress, anxiety, frustration and distraction. In the fast-paced world in which we live, is not the time to have to worry about its pipes. Here are a few tips.

Low water pressure
One of the first problems of plumbing to point in a House and also one of the most common is a low water pressure. When shower looks more like a drizzle to a true spray or it takes 10 minutes to fill a glass from the tap, there is a problem. The first thing to do is check if the low water pressure affects both hot water and cold water. If so, the problem could be due to an accumulation of calcium deposits on the aerator, the device that limits the pressure of the water. An aerator is relatively easy to clean. To do this, simply remove it from the tap, remove the blockage and replace it.

A sink or bath which evacuates slowly
A slow draining sink is another common plumbing problem. You’re there, to brush your teeth and you notice that the water in the sink drains as fast as usual. You realize immediately that something is amiss. But do not worry! A clogged drain, especially in the bathroom, is often the result of hair or debris forming a plug in the exhaust close to the basin.
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PostHeaderIcon Home Removal: Useful Tips on Moving

Home Removal: Useful Tips on Moving

So you have chosen to move your belongings yourself. You are going to save quite a bit of this in any case. And with some friends or family is that lugging also called to overlook. However, a mistake is easily made. Therefore some tips to make your move easy and damage free. 5 tips:

Packing up your stuff is a nice job. And this job is often delayed until the last moment which, in turn, at the expense of quality. Stuff should be carried well. Make sure your boxes, blankets and filler material for fragile material. If you’re packing, lugging everything faster and without damage. A quick look at everything a rule will do more harm than good. Also for the transport to your new home, is good packing needed!

Moving boxes
A moving box in indispensable. You can choose to go to the range to drive for a few cardboard moving boxes. You can also opt for reusable plastic boxes/crates. Moving boxes you can rent, buy or used via internet. That last option is often the cheapest. Moving you more often? Then buy some boxes and keep it. Unfolded they take almost no space in. Moving boxes you can stack up to a box or 4 high what makes transport more efficient again.
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PostHeaderIcon Best Tips to Increase Your Home’s Value Before Selling

The sale of a property must be well planned. In case of doubt about the exact value of a property, it is often recommended to watch them from a professional in the field of real estate valuation. This can give also valuable tips to still increase the value before the sale. This includes for example the extension of the living space.

Who wants to sell a real estate, hopes the best possible price for this course to get. To determine the real value of a property is to be advised, by a professional in the field of real estate valuation determine it this. These objectively assess real estate and can also give tips how to get the best price from a House. Is increasing here are three tips from professional hand, such as the value of the property.

Appreciation by extending the living space
A simple and effective means for the value of a property is the extension of the living space. If more of the available space, a loft conversion is ideal. He is much more cost effective than a new and less time consuming. An extended roof can be used in many ways. In addition, the energy balance of the entire House is enhanced by the installed modern insulation systems. No matter how the newly acquired premises be used, the associated increase in value of the House is not to have the hand.

Optional, relatively simple new housing can be obtained also through the expansion of cellar rooms. Usually, partition walls can be built and designed floors visually handsome in the drywall. By installing a bathroom, the basement is thus a full floor. It must only be taken to take into account the regulations and static rules. In any case, the newfound housing increases the value of real estate because living areas are higher rated than for example storage rooms.

Value creation through refurbishment and renovation
Each real estate suffers in the course of time a certain wear and this entails a corresponding reduction in value. Damages, which can be returned by a renovation in order resulting from the use. An extensive renovation is often more profitable to carry out as many small individual actions. Meaningful restructuring are for example an improvement of buildings by removing moisture damage or replacing outdated heating technique against a modern, eco-friendly and energy-saving investment. This saves costs and significantly enhances the value of the property.A “Rejuvenation” and thus increase in value of the property can be achieved also by a modernised sanitary facilities.

Increase in value by building a garage
The outdoor areas of a property have a potential to increase its value should not be underestimated. Every household has one or more cars at present and needs therefore a secure parking space. An appreciation of the real estate can relatively easily be caused by building a garage. At the same time, it creates more storage space to accommodate equipment such as tools and garden equipment according to. A garage offers additional space for bicycles, garden furniture and barbecue, for example. Due to a massive construction is long the value constant, and if the garage is not free, but is a direct passage to the House, this fact is even better. In any case it contributes to the increase in value of the real estate, as constructed plot has more value than undeveloped area. Who wants to miss this chance already?

PostHeaderIcon Plumber at home – how to fix clogged pipes and leaks

Sometimes it is dripping, sometimes it blocked – in the House, there are many pipes and lines, where it ever happens. But that is no reason to panic. We show you how you can fix leaks and blockages itself.


What to do when it’s dripping?
A leak in the pipe can have several reasons: the pipe can become old and broken or porous rust or frost. Also during the installation of the tube can damage tools and screws. A leak is often noticeable by decreasing water pressure, damp walls or increased water consumption. Then it is high time to make the search: one hears something drip or hiss, damp places are formed or there somewhere smells like stale water? If you do not even identify the leak, please contact a specialist. Did you find it, you should remedy this quickly, to prevent high water loss and consequential damage due to the humidity. The first measure for leaking pipes is: turn off the water! You should remember for absolutely a further rule of thumb for the repair of pipes: the pipe made of plastic, you can fix it yourself. It is made of metal, you should call the plumber. He knows it and can avoid more damage caused by a faulty repair.

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