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Flat Roof Choices: Repair or Replace

Flat roof patches are temporary fixes. You should plan to replace them with a permanent repair as soon as it is practical, unless you’ll be reconstruction in the next year or so.

Existing part head of gravel (in a built-up Roofing System) and scrape any remaining in the area you are patching. For double-roll roofing-roof without gravel, only brush and/or blow away dirt, dust and solids.
• Plastic roof cement Trowel over the damaged area and about 6 inches (15 cm) around it using a spatula or trowel (See A).
• Immediately incorporates a layer of fiberglass cloth in concrete, pressing it lightly with a large spatula or trowel.
• Apply a second layer of cement over the fabric (see B).
• Allow the patch to dry and preferably stand the test of another thunderstorm before covering it with gravel.
Repair in the rain
• In case of sudden damage–caused by, say, a fallen tree branch or a storm blowing loose an anchored object to the roof. –make a immediate repair, even in the rain, to restrict the internal damage. Use a cement roof formulated for use on a wet roof.

Repair a rubber roof
• Clean the damaged area with window cleaner, and then wipe with a cloth dampened with white seam gas or cleaning fluid (available from a vendor coverage).
• Cut the tip off a caulking gun and use it to apply butyl or polyurethane sealant for rupture or hole, then smooth the sealant with a spatula. Alternatively, use a peel-and-stick cover tape and apply weight to push it firmly into place.

Tips And Warnings
Never do a repair if there is any danger of lightning.
Walk and work carefully on a roof built to avoid damaging it.
Protect your hands with rubber gloves when cleaning a roof with rubber or work gloves when installing a patch of roof.

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