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PostHeaderIcon Flat Roof Choices: Repair or Replace

Flat Roof Choices: Repair or Replace

Flat roof patches are temporary fixes. You should plan to replace them with a permanent repair as soon as it is practical, unless you’ll be reconstruction in the next year or so.

Existing part head of gravel (in a built-up Roofing System) and scrape any remaining in the area you are patching. For double-roll roofing-roof without gravel, only brush and/or blow away dirt, dust and solids.
• Plastic roof cement Trowel over the damaged area and about 6 inches (15 cm) around it using a spatula or trowel (See A).
• Immediately incorporates a layer of fiberglass cloth in concrete, pressing it lightly with a large spatula or trowel.
• Apply a second layer of cement over the fabric (see B).
• Allow the patch to dry and preferably stand the test of another thunderstorm before covering it with gravel.
Repair in the rain
• In case of sudden damage–caused by, say, a fallen tree branch or a storm blowing loose an anchored object to the roof. –make a immediate repair, even in the rain, to restrict the internal damage. Use a cement roof formulated for use on a wet roof.
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PostHeaderIcon How to Put On a Roof for Energy Source?

Do you see the roof of your house looks normal? Maybe you want different things on the roof. It could be a roof that is in accordance with the design and concept of the house, or the roof has a double function. If you live in an area that has a lot of solar heat or energy from the sun, and then take advantage of all the light of the sun can be very amazing. The advantage of wearing this roof system is that you can have a house with a roof design that is charming and also the energy function that you can use for all parts of the house. This system was not going to make the roof of your house to be bad. This is the type of roof that is connected to the system. Although viewed from the outside, then the system will just look like a regular house roof. Speak with a roofing processional like Depalma Roofing.

Utilizing a roof that can be used as a source of electrical panels will be very profitable. Basically this is a special panel formed into a roof. You just need to put on the roof for the house and all the systems will be channeled to the part that can connect directly to electrical energy. It’s not just going to be a regular roof but also multi-functional. Large energy investments will probably never imagine but it also will be a very important part of the house.

If you are thinking about something solar power, you might think about the strange shape in a house. The panels were standing at the house and look disturbing. But this is a roof that has the same function as the roof of another house. Panel system is mounted in the roof will absorb all forms of energy is then channeled to the most important part of the house. The system was installed by a team of experts will take away all the things into energy. It is very helpful and the roof can be the best place to save money.

PostHeaderIcon Choosing the Good Roofing Elements

Roofing elements need to be properly chosen and it will take time. What kinds of roof will be chosen? What will be needed for the best look? When choosing many things, aesthetic aspect always comes first. It is fine to choose something based on aesthetic. However, don’t forget about functions as well. Try to combine aesthetic aspect and functions very well to get the best option. First of all, make sure about the visual aspect that will not be changed. Many people will stuck in colors of brick surfaces and the vinyl siding. Other aspects such as painted areas, trim and shutters can be changed depending on the most recent inspirations. Also, keep in mind it is always a good idea to consult with a professional team like DePalma Construction.

Try to imagine whether the unchangeable aspects will look good against the other roofing elements such as the metal roofing or the singles. Most of homeowners will cans of paint or the leftover siding pieces from the last renovation of exterior. Try to compare the examples of the home current exterior with the plan by using the construction paper. Try to imagine and draw the both exterior designs. Compare both looks to check the unchangeable elements and the elements that can be modified further for the better look.

Always try to use the dark and the light backgrounds with natural light source as well as the shaded spaces in order to get the better feel of potential in the combinations. When there is a doubt about the particular color scheme, try to leave it for a while and then come back again to reconsider. Try to incorporate the monotone palettes for the roofing elements. The monotone palettes are considerably boring to look at but by using the basic contrast, there will be more depth and brightness. Try to combine opposing hues on the color chart. Remember that color is not just about appeal but also impact to the home’s retention.


PostHeaderIcon The Advantages of Terracotta Roofing Tiles

From Roman times, men have been using tiles as roofing on buildings. Terracotta tiles, clay that is fired at a high temperature, are commonly found in Spanish Missions and Italianate Villas. But now it is used in almost any building style, because it is suitable for any of them.

Due to its material, terracotta tiles are environmental friendly, it can be recycled and does no harm to the environment. The vitrification that happens in the production process makes a waterproof layer on the surface of the tiles, that can last up to 100 years without any maintenance.


You may found this roof in red, as how it’s found traditionally. Red is a bright, quite reflective color. Compared to the dark-colored roofs, the light-colored ones are reflecting more heat. As the result, the roofs can be 70 degrees cooler and cost lower energy. You can be inside the house without turning the air conditioner on.

Because more and more people are aware of the environmental issues, many manufacturers have improved the clay tiles, make it reflects more heat and has more colors. Now you can decorate your house with roofs that decrease your electricity cost.

According to American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) specifications, there are three grades of clay tiles:

  • Grade 1 tiles can endure in extreme freeze and thaw cycles, they have no pores.
  • Grade 2 tiles can endure in moderate cycles.
  • Grade 3 tiles are more permeable.

Additionally, some manufacturers layer their tiles with glaze. This layer will prevent color fading and protect the tile itself. Thus, there are many advantages a terracotta tile has to offer. The decision is up to you now.

PostHeaderIcon Installing Your Roof in Cold or Hot Temperatures

Roof plays a major role in the existence of a building. One mistake in installing it can lead to another problems. Thus, the process of installing roof for the first time is an essential one. Besides hiring a good builder, you have to do the roofing at the right time. Because temperatures and humidity will also affect the placement of the tiles.

What if I install roof in cold temperatures?

Depends on your type of roof, many things could happen when you install it in cold temperatures. Asphalt shingles, for instance, can become brittle if exposed to cold weather. Fiberglass can get so cold until they crack. You definitely don’t want these things happen to you, right?

If you really have to install the roof, you can keep the shingles in a warm room. Get them out only when you are ready. Compile your shingles onto a cart so that you can install it quickly before they crack. You can also add extra layer of adhesive to the underside, to ensure it will adhere properly, even in the cold temperature. When you finally arrange it, make sure that they are installed firmly.roof1

What if I install roof in hot conditions?

During summer, your shingles can be more malleable, make it harder to handle. The adhesive on the backside of the shingles can be dried out and not adhering. Let alone the wind or the rain, it can intensify the difficulty of installing roof in hot conditions.

So,installing your roof in the ideal temperature will help you a lot in the process.