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In these years when I made the real estate investor, I saw that there are some rules, which, for better or worse, is always true in all markets. I purchased all over Italy and abroad and these rules work.

7 am – and I have already talked about but it’s worth repeating it – and I would really call them “golden rules”.

Follow them to your advantage and profit, ignore them for your own risk.

1) the money you make when you buy, not when you sell

If you buy at a discount, don’t miss it ever. You may not purchase the property most liquid in the world, but when you have margin for resale, everything becomes easy.

Conversely, if you buy with little discount or at market price because “the market goes” do you find yourself easily with cash on hand.

2) always buys from a motivated seller

Who is a motivated seller? One who wants to sell, being an individual who no longer wants to keep the property for any reason. In short, don’t waste your time with someone who clearly has no time or money and wants to achieve maximum. Look for one that has no time and maybe even money. Will surely be motivated!
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PostHeaderIcon How to Face a Complicated Tenant

When renting your house, there’s a big chance of having complicated tenants. They can refuse to pay rent because they don’t have a job and an income. Communication and persuasion is important in this kind of situation, so you have to understand his or her personality and nature, and if possible, negotiate.

If this happens, you may want to consider making a structured payment options. Observe the tenant’s ability to pay, then alter the payment to suit the cashflow of the tenant. You can take the rent partially or prorate the late fees and accumulate it to be paid next month or next period.
If a month is too long for the tenants to manage their financial, they also can pay weekly, before the money goes somewhere else. But usually a struggling tenant prefers paying whenever they have money, rather than per lease period. It’s more convenient for them, but you may apply this system for the tenants that are already have your trust, or else you will have to face worse problems.rental

If in the end the tenant cannot afford the rent anymore, you can pair him up with a roommate or move him to a smaller room. But if he refuses to cooperate, just ask him to leave voluntarily. It’s better for his credit and rental history. He also doesn’t have to face legal fees and bad debt.

PostHeaderIcon Some Tips to Doing Property Rental

images (16)Here, if you are an investor, you can read about these Property Rental Tips. Property rental, like another business, is also a good chance. Property rental means that you loan property to the customers. There are many reasons why people love to rental—maybe they just want their meeting room look different, or they love to change property. However, just read these tips below.

The First

The important thing that you must do is studying about people’s passion in property today. It is because the passion is always changing, maybe every season. If you know about it, the fortune is yours. It is better to you to always reading about property style and news. People will love your company because you always update your style in property so they will think that you are the best property rental agency.

The Second

Another important thing is don’t forget to make the agreement clearly. You must make your customer really understand about what they will accept in future. And you must be brave to take the customer responsibilities. The last is never make the customers feel regret because it can affect your company directly. Remember that your prime destination is the customers’ satisfy in Property Rental.

PostHeaderIcon Crucial Rental Property Buying Tips That You Should Know

wpBefore you get involved in investing in rental property, there are some important rental property buying tips to know. Owning rental property is an excellent way to make income as long as you purchase the right properties. Of course the key to making a profit is knowing which property to buy. Make a mistake and you’ll pay for it as long as you own it.

It’s important that you are cautious when making a decision on the property you purchase. Take time to research properties and make decisions that well informed. If you’re ready to start investing, here are a few crucial rental property buying tips you need to remember.

1. Take Your Time and Make Sure You are Getting a Great Deal

One of the most important things is to ensure that you are getting a great deal on the property. Buying a piece of property for the wrong price can end up costing you instead of making you money. When deciding if a property is worth the price, you’ll need to do some research.

Take a look at what the property will cost you each month. Then figure out how much money you’ll make from the property. If you can’t make a nice profit on the property, then it’s not the right choice for you when you are investing. Read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon 5 Ways to Make Your Online Property Rental Ads More Effective

So what happens when the landlord has posted an online ad for their rental property and they still get no calls? No landlord wants their rental properties to sit empty. Renters are not going to call the owner unless the ad catches their attention. There are ways to improve the content of the ad and its visual and competitive appeal.

Tip #1: Write a Catchy Heading

“Apartment for rent” websites present filtered results to the user by summarizing the key data on properties that fit their criteria. To sort through all of this information, users typically scan the property’s heading and photo to see if something interests them. Property owners have the ability to label their property with a catchy heading, so this is their first chance at making an impression. Use descriptive words and focus on one key unique feature or benefit that the property offers. That unique feature could be its open layout, bright rooms, spacious entranceway, underground parking, in-suite laundry, cul-de-sac location, etc. Which of these headings is the catchiest? Read the rest of this entry »